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#Kidlit: #ChillyDaVinci #NetGalley Jarrett Rutland

Book: Chilly Da Vinci
Author: Jarrett Rutland
Publisher: North South Books, inc
Release Day:  December 4, 2018
Rating: 3/5

Summary: Chilly da Vinci is not like other penguins. He invents!

My review:

The story begins when one of his inventions breaks the ice which takes them away from their colony. So, he has to figure out another creation to survive his original error. One of the other penguins named Vinnie thinks lowly of him and his inventions.

The artwork looks fun and is the best part of the story.

One noticeable annoyance of this is they call the Orca, Orca then later it's Plumpy Fin. "Did I mention it wouldn't move anyway if it had to drag Mr. Plumpy Fin?" is when it's first used. This sentence for me doesn't make sense even without the nickname Chilly gave the Killer Whale.

Younger kids may not understand Leonardo da Vinci/Chilly da Vinci connection. But it can be a book for a lesson around him -- maybe kids can see the connection then.

For some reason he has a bully named Vinnie. But while Chilly knows he makes fun of him and isn't supportive of him. Chilly continues to imagine the other penguins thinking of him as cool or a sort of celebrity figure for his creations.

One point he's flung by the Orca and he comments, "I did not become whale poop. I need a break." Which personally thought was funny.

Recommend?: Yes. It would be a good supplement in lessons about perseverance, making plans or learning about Leonardo da Vinci.

Friday, September 7, 2018

#PowerToThePrincess #NetGalley

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Title: Power to the Princess Author: Vita Weinstein Murrow Illustrator: Julia Bereciartu

Publish Day: September 6, 2018! Tomorrow! yay!  Rating: 4.5/5

Absolutely love spins on fairy tales. Power to the Princess is one of those. Each story has an element of what we now consider “powerful” in women. Each women's adventure focuses on them and not their love life. Well, it's not the center of it. Cinderella is a woman who runs her own business, advocates for the working class and still finds her prince. This prince shares her ideals and doesn't prevent her from living her goals of helping others.

“Ellia discovered that people who are treated better work better”.

While, Belle is brave and helps the beast be the best person he could be. She is upset when she finds out that he was cursed which is Illegal. She speaks with a detective and ends up working for the Fairyland Protection Department due to her bravery.

“Curses are a crime best left in the past, and she should be held accountable.”

Sleepy Beauty. she has a medical condition brought on by the Cloud fairy. The person who had sent out invitations to the party forgot to include Cloud Fairy. She has a condition that prevents her from being in sunny locations long term. The ceremony wasn't accommodating to her needs and they forgot to invite her.

“All around the kingdom were conversations of compassion and care, of accommodation and welcome.”

Through Aurora's advocacy and encouraging conversations about people... Cloud fairy no longer feels isolated and alone. Her curse on Aurora turned into something that benefited everyone in the long term.

Princess and the Pea is a story of a prince trying to find love. His parents encourage a particular kind of girl while he has differing opinions.

“The King & Queen, having learned their lesson that there is no one right kind of princess, and that no single test can determine compatibility, retired to the un-restored tower of the castle to examine their old-fashioned views.”

Snow queen, of friendship and weathering through a friend's depression ( or whatever it was supposed to reflect). The Little Mermaid, Sea king and his daughters, the king does not like his daughters focus on sea affairs .. like pollution and keeping their home healthy. She goes to the surface and meets a princess. With her help they find a solution to the pollution and fall in love.

“Once the waters were clear again, the two were married in a lively and loving ceremony in a lagoon where both Mer-people and humans could enjoy the merriment.”

Last story focuses on Snow White where the queen goes from a person who focuses on the real issues to getting sucked into appearances. This focuses on the media and portrayal of women with the focus just on appearances. Snow, is a step-daughter who soon is dealing with a step-mother who is sucked into beauty ideals than inner. She doses Snow White then brings her back with another serum..and asks for an apology and receives it.

It's focus on strong women and diverse stories. There are 2 kinds with Aurora, the Little Mermaid marries a princess. Friendships, work and doing right by people are heavily focused in it. From what I can tell, Princess & the Pea, The Little Mermaid, and Snow Queen show diversity with ethnicity.
Recommend? Yes, it's cute, different and fun.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

#GinaFromSiberia #NetGalley

Title: Gina from Siberia Author: Jane Bernstein, Charlotte Glynn Illustrator: Anna Desnitskaya
Publish Day: Sept 14, 2018 Downloaded from: Netgalley 


Based on a true story of Gina, a wire haired terrier, whose family snuck her out of Siberia and into the USA at the conclusion of the Cold War, this beautiful and thrilling tale follows Gina as her family travels by bus, train, car, plane and minivan. Upon arrival at her new home, 5,681 miles away from her old home, Gina is not happy and lets everyone around her know it. But slowly, she comes to accept her new surroundings with the help of her new friend Victor, a large boxer. Talking about her friends and family back home in Siberia heals the emotional wounds, making Gina believe that just maybe her new home isn't so bad after all.

My Review:

Moving to a different country from the viewpoint of the dog. She isn't happy about the move until she makes a friend. The family that this is based on...dressed the dog as a baby. I enjoyed this. There is some filler with the dog describing the people she saw through travels. It could have been better but works for what it needs to do...move the story along.

Recommend? Yes, it'd be a great historical read, conversation with immigration or moving somewhere new.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

#TheTruthAboutDinosaurs #NetGalley

Title: The Truth About Dinosaurs
Author: Guido van Genechten
Pub Day: August 11, 2018!
Score: 5/5
Recommend? Yes!

Downloaded from Netgalley thanks to publisher in exchange for an honest review. 


Have you ever heard of the Gallus gallus domesticus? It’s a big word for a chicken . . . I mean, a dinosaur. Yep, and this ordinary chicken—sorry, this dinosaur—knows everything about other dinosaurs. That’s what he’s about to prove to you. A funny guided tour throughout the world of dinosaurs. For curious people from 4 up to 250 million years old.

Review: This is adorable. It's set up as the chicken's family scrap/picture book. It is a blend of fiction with the family scrap book with actual information at the bottom.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

#Joy #NetGalley by Corrinne Averiss

Title: Joy
Author: Corrinne Averiss
Illustrator: Isabelle Follath
Publisher: Frances Lincoln Childrens

Publish Day: July 19,2018!

Rating: 5/5


Fern’s Nanna has not been herself of late. And when Mom remarks that all the joy seems to have gone out of her life, Fern decides to fetch the joy back. With her catching-kit at the ready, she goes to the park and finds joy in all sorts of unusual places. Whooooshh!

But Fern soon realises that joy doesn’t fit in a bag, or a box, or a can! How will she manage to bring some back to Nanna? Emotional, funny, and uplifting, this beautiful picture book has a strong message about empathy and maintaining loving relationships with our grandparents. Guaranteed to bring a bit of joy into every reader’s life, this story is a pure delight.


Downloaded through Netgalley thanks to the publisher free in exchange of an honest review! 

Fern realizes that something is going on with her Nanna and plans on remedying it. Great book to help with emotions and noticing differences in others. The illustrations are engaging and interesting for me. I liked the use of the illustrations to convey the emotions going on with the little girl. This is a definite recommendation from me.

Image is from an eARC that may not be what it looks like when published. Wording may differ, too, but wanted to show more of the art from it.

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