Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Pam the Puppy Learns to Run by Leelah Hope

Listed on Amazon as:
Value books for kids: Pam the Puppy Learns to Run (bedtime stories for kids ages 2-6 Book 1)
Now:  Free to Buy or Free through Amazon Unlimited program. If you prefer "real" books to read with your little ones it is available as a paperback for $7.67.

First Sentence: Pam the puppy was out in the sun.

Score: 4/5


Pam is terrible at running and is left behind when her brothers win. Instead of giving up or throwing a tantrum -- she trains. She is able to win all her siblings running and they're happy for her.

Great for emotional learning either in the classroom or at home. A free book that can be read on an eReader alone or with an adult reading to them. 

The graphics are engaging enough and are adorable. They're colorful enough and you can follow along with the story with them.


Not Applicable. Other than there are two version of the authors name. Leelah and Leela.


Yes. Great little story to have access to on an eReader for prechool-1st grade readers.

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