Friday, January 26, 2018

Seed School Planting A Garden of Diversity - Joan Holub

Score: 4/5

Summary: A new seed blows into Seed School. Everyone there knows what they will be when they grow up. The new seed doesn't know what he'll be when he grows up. We learn about plants along the way and eventually what the new seed is!


Font is easy to read. Artwork is SUPER ADORABLE!

I was excited about the artwork and how everything was styled. I flipped through this showing my boyfriend the artwork and the style of the book. He was confused but he doesn't have the same interest that I do in children's books.

The seeds are going through a similar school day as the students would go through.So, students have something familiar to latch onto in this story.

Garden of diversity -- the teacher asks how are they the same and their differences.

Anxiety/worry about not knowing yourself is present in this.

There's science, cultural/diversity differences, and personal identity crisis/learning about yourself. It is a super cute and useful book that would definitely be great to use with science lesson plans. 


I can't think of anything that would fit in this.


Yes! A cute science focused book that talks on diversity -- fantastic.

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