Monday, February 5, 2018

Look What Brown Can Do! T. Marie Harris

Can be read through Kindle Unlimited or bought for $2.99. Paperback is $9.99

Score: 5/5

First sentence: Look what BROWN can do! Brown can inspire through art.. and I CAN TOO!

 Look What Brown Can Do written by T. Marie Harris is a book that is focused on career and job goals for Black students. It is essentially a 'You dream it you can be it' positive children's book.

It covers adults who are in a wide variety of careers. Each section has the persons name and a photograph. Every paragraph starts with "Brown can..." and discusses the field that person is in.

The illustrations are colorful and all in all the book has readable fonts for kids to read on their own. It can be used a discussion with your children or your students in class. A way to introduce students to a wide variety of careers that they may not have thought about before.

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