Thursday, August 30, 2018

#GinaFromSiberia #NetGalley

Title: Gina from Siberia Author: Jane Bernstein, Charlotte Glynn Illustrator: Anna Desnitskaya
Publish Day: Sept 14, 2018 Downloaded from: Netgalley 


Based on a true story of Gina, a wire haired terrier, whose family snuck her out of Siberia and into the USA at the conclusion of the Cold War, this beautiful and thrilling tale follows Gina as her family travels by bus, train, car, plane and minivan. Upon arrival at her new home, 5,681 miles away from her old home, Gina is not happy and lets everyone around her know it. But slowly, she comes to accept her new surroundings with the help of her new friend Victor, a large boxer. Talking about her friends and family back home in Siberia heals the emotional wounds, making Gina believe that just maybe her new home isn't so bad after all.

My Review:

Moving to a different country from the viewpoint of the dog. She isn't happy about the move until she makes a friend. The family that this is based on...dressed the dog as a baby. I enjoyed this. There is some filler with the dog describing the people she saw through travels. It could have been better but works for what it needs to do...move the story along.

Recommend? Yes, it'd be a great historical read, conversation with immigration or moving somewhere new.

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